Reading Update: The Ranger's Apprentice (Book #2) by John Flanagan

Hello! My reading has improved quite drastically and I feel as though my goal to reading a lot of books this year might be finished before the year's over! I've been reading more at night, for up 2-2&1/2 hours every night, and I feel more refreshed getting up the following morning. My reading rate  has gone up from 93 pages an hour to 100 pages an hour! For my AP book, I'm going to start The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. The book I've been reading is The Ranger's Apprentice (book #2)  by John Flanagan, where Will and Evanlyn (who is actually princess Cassandra) reunites with Halt and Horace and start to leave Skandia when they suddenly encounter the Temujai, a race of skilled warriors and find out they plan to invade Skandia. Will and the rest go and help the Skandians because the Skandians are famous for their wolfships and if the Temujai succeed, their next destination could be Araulen, Will and his companions' homeland.

In Chapter 7, Halt is planning what the best plan of action to take should be in order to prevent Morgarath, but they simply can't find the answer. When people lose hope, he encourages them and tells them “When you can’t see the reason for something, look for the possible result—and ask yourself who might benefit from it" (56) Later he comes with the idea to burn the bridge and that helps stall Morgarath.

In life, you want to be successful. Everyone does. But some think that if you don't know the specific answer to your problem, the problem is impossible to solve. I use to think the same way, but after reading that line in the book,mthat changed my whole perspective. Rather than trying to find the one specific answer to a situation, you can see what will happen is you do this or that, and what the effects/benefits will be. If people stress and worry over a single solution, they are cutting themselves off from the multiple possibilities of different beneficial actions they could take, which would be better than doing nothing.


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